How about Porting SIRI on Android Mobile ? Hackers Says, It is Possible

SIri on Android Mobile ? The title itself pretty embarrassing isnt it ? Well this has been quiet a talk everywhere and here’s what going on to make that possible.

We are all aware that SIRI new personal voice assistant another big innovation from apple, trust me its one thing you need to be proud of owning an Apple. With Siri you can use natural language to process your commands ranging from texting, calling, web services. Recommending you Restaurants and so much can be done.

Siri was originally an application in the Apple App Store. Siri had announced that this features will be soon introduced to the blackberry and also to the Android Market. But Since apple acquired Siri on April 28, 2010 they cancelled all the development for non iOS Platforms. And man they came with a bang introducing an all new and better improved Siri with their 4S, maybe one of Job’s probably last but best ever contribution to Apple.

android siri

But Applidium Claim that they managed to crack Siri and obtain the code thus stating that they can make a replica of it, making it available to other NON iOS platforms too. Further Applidium explained that Siri’s protocol works only by rendering answers from Apple’s servers and that the phone doesn’t actually run on its own.

Apple’s most precious approach to make revolution in the smartphone world might be at stake here. Despite Apple’s efforts to protect Siri wasn’t quite protective enough. This all might have been possible only because SIRI runs Online and that may have a chance of finding some possible loop hole. The Post at Applidium which they claim brief shows how bad a deal they went through to achieve it and the explanation given might just not be good for day to day readers.

We are quiet sure Apple will do anything to stop it, but the thing is does everyone want to experience the SIRI on their droids too. Trust me I don’t.

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  • Karan 4391

    Android don’t have brain to think….. Everything stolen from apple now this…. What they planing to do…..?????