Samsung Illusion to Hit Verizon Online Stores Today


Samsung’s new mid range phone illusion goes online official from the carrier Verizon priced at 79.90 USD for a new mobile phone with two year contract. The Phone will be out in the stores by January 2012 though. Samsung Illusion Samsung Illusion sports a 1Ghz processor with a 3.5 inch HVGA Display, 3 MP Camera [...]

200 Million Android Devices Activated and Counting…

android activations

Jamie Rosenberg Google’s Director for Digital Content of Android said on 17, November 2011 during Google’s big Music Event that since many Number of android devices has reached 200 Million activated devices and still counting. It’s like a 100% growth since May. Also the per day activated Android Device’s count goes upto 550,000, a whooping [...]

Galaxy Nexus have No USB Mass Storage Support ?


Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus was Thermos anticipated Android mobile phone of the year, because its the first android phone to run the Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest and feature rich Android Operating System of 2011. As reports say that, Galaxy Nexus doesn’t support the USB Mass Storage Support it seems. Is it something Google have left [...]

Google Voice Supports Pre-Fetched Voice Mail and Group SMS


Google Voice lets you make free phone calls, text messages from your android and few other smartphones to landlines and mobile phones. This service is currently available in U.S Region and expected to be released in some other countries as well. It also offers Cheap rates International Calling and to Send Free Text messages to [...]

First Galaxy Nexus in United States Given to Steve Wozniak


Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus had been recently launched in the UK and has a big welcome crowd but still there isn’t any clear date on its release in the US. Verizon still leaves fans in the US puzzled with the release date bragging now and then. Meanwhile Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple Inc, gets the first [...]

First Galaxy Nexus Sold Turned Out to Be A Developer’s Device


With the Samsung’s Brand New Nexus phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and also the first Android Phone to run the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich releasing earlier this month in the UK, the First ever customer to buy it (Alex Ioannou) was awed as everyone bought it would have been. But his Joy was short [...]

Adobe Flash For Galaxy Nexus to Arrive by End of 2011


For Those Lucky Owners of a Galaxy Nexus, you might have noticed that there isn’t no Adoble Flash for your Device in the Android Market. It seems that the Adobe’s Flash Plugin is no more compatible with the newest version of Google OS. As we all know Adobe has declared that they are going to [...]

Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy S2 Mobile [Video]

ice cream sandwich galaxy s2

Earlier This Week, Google had released their Source code for the Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s latest android Platform 4.0. Within blazing 4 Days hackers have successfully ported the ICS 4.0 into Samsung Galaxy SII and also LG Optimus 3D. Man, the ICS looks stunning on the Samsung’s HD AMOLED Display. But the Port is still [...]

HTC Quad Core Android Mobile Phones, HTC EDGE and here comes HTC ZETA [Rumor]


HTC Edge just arrived as the first Quad Core processor featured HTC smartphone and here we have another surprise for HTC Fans. HTC to release another Beast that has Quad Core processor in it with some more extra ordinary features and new design as well. HTC Edge, First Quad Core Phone running on a Tegra [...]

How about Porting SIRI on Android Mobile ? Hackers Says, It is Possible

android siri

SIri on Android Mobile ? The title itself pretty embarrassing isnt it ? Well this has been quiet a talk everywhere and here’s what going on to make that possible. We are all aware that SIRI new personal voice assistant another big innovation from apple, trust me its one thing you need to be proud [...]